Masters of Trading Ltd hold a strong position on equal opportunities for all.

Please read our statement and if you have any questions or issues and you would like to discuss privately, please email or call.

Masters of Trading Ltd are committed to ensuring that everyone can participate and benefit from our training. 

and that we are also committed to addressing any barriers to inclusion.


Masters of Trading follow and comply with all the current disability and equality legislation and the Equality Act 2010.

The Equality Act 2010 came into force on 1 October 2010 and consolidated and brought together previous anti-discrimination law into one piece of legislation.

The Equality Act establishes nine protected characteristics on the grounds of which it is unlawful to discriminate against a person. These are: 
· Age
· Disability
· Gender reassignment
· Sex
· Sexual orientation
· Pregnancy and maternity
· Marriage and civil partnership
· Religion or belief
· Race

Masters of Trading Ltd are committed to: 
· Eliminating unlawful discrimination
· Eliminating harassment
· Promoting equality of opportunity
· Promoting positive attitudes
· Encouraging participation
·Meeting the needs of disabled people, even if this requires more favourable treatment.


Masters of Trading Ltd welcome all students, including those who have any form of disability. On booking, we encourage students to disclose any disability, or any other need for additional support to us, in order that we can discuss their requirements for support and adjustment with them. We encourage students to discuss any requirements for support or reasonable adjustments at the earliest opportunity, so we can have sufficient time to implement any adjustments. We do however, acknowledge that students may choose not to disclose that they have a disability as is their right.

We recognise that a disability may arise, or vary, during a course or membership, and we invite students to inform us of any changes to their circumstances. We apply the same process of reasonable adjustments to students who experience a disability at a later stage to those that inform us of a disability at the outset.


Masters of Trading will make reasonable adjustments to ensure those with disabilities are able to participate in their courses and events, by removing any disadvantage they may face as a result of their disability. Masters of Trading Ltd will also endeavour to provide any additional support to enable delegates to fully engage in and benefit from the courses and any events.

Masters of Trading Ltd will endeavour to provide the material in an accessible format, which may include providing a transcript of the video / audio content.

Masters of Trading Ltd will also endeavour to ensure that the venue which hosts their events have appropriate access and facilities for those with disabilities. 

Masters of Trading Ltd will discuss students’ requirements for adjustments and support with the student in advance.


All information relating to delegates is provided in confidence and is held securely and is not disclosed or shared without the consent of the individual, in accordance with the Masters of Trading Ltd Privacy Policy. All disability disclosure information is treated sensitively. We use information relating to a delegates’ disability purely for the purpose of ensuring they are able to participate in the training and any possible future events, and to ensure that reasonable adjustments can be made. It may be necessary for Masters of Trading to share details of the support and reasonable adjustments required with external venues who may be hosting events.